Ask your doctor if Eletone® is right for you!

Eletone® Cream With Hydrolipid Technology for Nonsteroidal Skin Barrier Protection

Eletone is a nonsteroidal barrier cream that is designed to protect the skin of people with mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis, a condition that is often marked by dry, flaky, itchy skin.

  • NO harsh preservatives
  • NO fragrance added
  • Non-greasy

With its unique delivery system, Eletone provides a high-lipid formulation that goes on with the elegance of a cream.

In addition, Eletone does not contain the harsh preservatives found in many other barrier protection products, and is completely free of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, which can actually make skin drier. And, because Eletone is fragrance free and isn't greasy, it can be a great approach for atopic dermatitis in children and adults alike!

Eletone can be used during flare-ups of atopic dermatitis, and as a maintenance measure between flare-ups. And the Eletone Cream Twinpack and Savings Card make it easier to always have Eletone close at hand.