RxPORT Consumer

Welcome to the
Mission Pharmacal RxPORT® Program

How it works

  1. To initiate your prescription, the doctor will submit your information to the Mission RxPORT® Program for processing.
  2. The Mission RxPORT® Program contacts your insurance company to determine co-pay and any limitations on prescribing.

    The Mission RxPORT® Program contacts you to confirm your insurance co-pay. If you do not have insurance, options will be discussed with you.

    If RxPORT® does not contact you within 2 business days, please call: (866) 211-6196 .
  3. The Mission RxPORT® Program processes claims with your insurance provider and arranges your prescription for pick-up or delivery directly to your home.

If you have additional questions about the Mission RxPORT® Program, please call tool free:
(866) 211-6196